Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Don't Poo Poo the Bidet


Don't Poo Poo the Bidet - Meet the Toto Washlet™

The bidet is probably the latest “discovery” to the American homeowner. Similarly, Toto’s smart seat Washlet™ is a bidet and seat in one that has gotten consumers curious, an option for consumers who may otherwise not be inclined to purchase a separate fixture.

There are several reasons to explore the benefits to adding a Washlet™ on your toilet. Comfort and convenience remain the number one reason consumers have stated as their interest in the Washlet™. The Toto Washlet™ maintains a comfortably warm seat that users find enjoyable, and the gentle clean of warm water makes the “go” a more pleasant bathroom experience. What’s more, there’s no need to use paper to dry off; the Toto Washlet™ dries your tooshie with gentle warm air. How convenient is that? 

Once consumers explore the comforts of using a Washlet™, they soon realize the hygienic superiority of a Washlet™. With an air dryer and remote control (for pulsating, oscillating, and warming features) there is no need to wipe, and the auto-flush feature makes the Toto Washlet™ a truly handsfree experience. Of course, some prefer to use a small amount of paper and expedite the drying process; however, doing the math, you will soon realize that your toilet paper costs have decreased dramatically. Less money going down the drain and less likely to encounter a backed-up commode.

The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020 led consumers to identify with the need for a Washlet™ and began to take notice of the obvious benefits; however, the ecologic and economic advantages make a strong case for leveling-up your toilet with a Washlet™. 

When the COVID pandemic hit and supply chains were disrupted, consumers began stocking-up on bathroom tissue. With bathroom tissue hording and fear of it being out of stock indefinitely, consumers became curious with the bidet. According to a CNN report, the average American uses an estimated 57 squares of toilet paper each day, that’s over 400 rolls per year, or 50 pounds! At that rate, a two-person household will go through an entire tree of TP during that time. If you are an advocate for the environment, knowing you are contributing to the betterment of our planet by using less paper is reason enough to add one of these hygienic and enjoyable Washlets™ to your bathroom. Seen from another metric, reducing your paper consumption would be a cost savings of over $500 per year!

So, whether you are interested in the hands-free hygienic benefits, the economic advantage and cost saving you'll enjoy by using a lot less paper, the lessening of your footprint on the environment, or if all the benefits appeal to you, then you'll will be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable and enjoyable bathroom solution than the Washlet™.

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