Thursday, January 21, 2016

Why Two Sinks Are Better Than One

If you’re renovating your master bathroom, chances are you’ve debated between installing one sink or two. While a double sink vanity can require more space, its benefits often outweigh its smaller counterpart. So why exactly are two sinks better than one?

His and Her Sinks
A dual sink vanity can alleviate wait time in the morning when you’re sharing a bathroom with a significant other. No more waiting to use the sink to brush your teeth, or having to maneuver around the other while frantically getting ready for work. Instead, his and her sinks allow for both of you to freshen up and get ready with your own sink – and often your own mirror. Depending on counter space, you’ll be able to leave necessities on the counter instead of moving them to a cabinet after use.

Space Requirements for Double Sinks
Our larger 72’’ vanities have ample space for necessities and bathroom d├ęcor, while standard 60’’ double vanities provide enough counter space to leave your necessities out without crowding the counter. Most double bathroom vanities range from 60’’ to 72’’, but smaller bathrooms deserve some love, too. Our smallest double sink vanity measures in at 47.75’’ wide allowing smaller bathrooms to enjoy the luxury of two sinks!

Resale Value
When you purchase your home, often it’s with the intent of living there for a while, but it’s not your forever home. As a result, resale value becomes a factor when considering major renovations. This is especially important when you don’t anticipate living in your current home longer than 3 years . Double sinks can help entice married homebuyers- as can oversized showers.  

So there you have it! Three reasons why you should consider double sink vanities for your bathroom renovation. What’s your favorite feature of a double sink vanity?

Monday, January 4, 2016


It’s time to ring in the New Year, and what better way to do so than with a clean slate. Though we recommend starting 2016 with a clean home, if you’re short on time, we recommend devoting what time you have to cleaning your bathroom. As one of the most important rooms that you visit daily in your home, it deserves some TLC!

Cleaning Your Bathroom in Less Than 15 Minutes
Not quite sure where to begin? Start with cleaning your toilet. An eco-friendly option includes sprinkling your toilet bowl with baking soda and then spraying white vinegar over it. Let that sit for a few minutes while you move on to wiping down your sinks and countertops. Proceed to empty your waste basket and then return to scrub your toilet. 

Are your drains slower than they should be? You can clean your drain quickly by pouring ½ cup of baking soda down the drain followed by ½ cup of white vinegar. After 5 minutes of letting this sit, wash it away with some boiling water.

Keep your mirrors streak free with the use of glass cleaner and newspaper. Newspaper will leave your windows sparkling and spotless.

Using a Bathroom Cleaning Schedule
After your initial cleaning spree, using a cleaning schedule in 2016 can make keeping your bathroom clean a breeze. Daily items include keeping towels and dirty laundry off the floors, wiping water spots off your mirror as soon as they happen, and spraying a daily shower cleaner on your glass doors. Dust and hair can gather on the floor quickly, causing your bathroom to appear dirtier than it actually is. You’ll want to sweep at least once a week. Doing these simple items will allow you to keep your bathroom clean in less than 30 minutes a week.

What’s great about cleaning schedules is that there are several to choose from! Choose to clean every day, every few days, or if you’re not very messy, you can get away with cleaning once a week. For lists and written bathroom cleaning schedules, visit Pinterest for additional ideas.

Bathroom Tile Cleaning Tips
If you’re wanting to keep harsh chemicals out of your bathroom, you’ll enjoy this easy homemade bathroom cleaner. Combine equal parts of dish soap that you have on hand, and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Then go to town and start spraying your shower. After letting it sit for a few minutes, wipe away with a sponge, or used dryer sheets. This powerful, and budget-friendly, mixture will quickly becoming a bathroom cleaner staple.

Get a head start on spring cleaning by starting this weekend with a clean bathroom for 2016!