Friday, October 30, 2015

Updating Your Small Bathroom With a Modern Touch

Making the most out of your small bathroom is a challenge not many take on, but if you’ll be surprised at how much you can do with a small space.

We like to think of small spaces not as constraints but as opportunities, and we’ve developed some tips to help you transform any small bathroom into a modern space you want to go into instead of one you dread to go into.

It all comes down to two simple things. First thing, be mindful of your space. Second, don’t be afraid to try something new.

Tip #1: Small spaces mean less, not more

We all want to have shelves, towels, cleaning supplies and basically everything we might need in the bathroom. However, with small bathrooms, you have to be careful with storage. Filling your bathroom with all of the above might make everything conveniently available, but it also might make it harder to walk.

One thing you can do if you want to have towels, personal items, etc. is to add some small storage accessories to your bathroom. This is ideal for that modern bathroom look because it’s all about minimalism these days. A good example of this is new shelves. Floating shelves are sleek and modern looking and are typically less bulky than traditional shelves while still offering you a reasonable amount of extra space. Another example for a modern look is to add sleek glass shelves.

Other examples of storage accessories include storage ladders, crates and baskets.

Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to get creative

Despite the fact that it’s a small bathroom, it’s still your bathroom. So make it yours. One of the best ways to make yourself forget about the size is to make your bathroom a reflection of you. If you have a favorite hobby, use it as inspiration to decorate your bathroom. Or perhaps you love quirky and colorful objects. Add them to your bathroom.

Maybe you’re really witty and like to get people to laugh. If so, consider putting some funny phrases in your bathroom in picture frames. The picture frames will add a classic touch to any bathroom and your hand chosen quotes will make the bathroom feel uniquely you.

Tip #3: Color is your friend, not your foe

It’s all about the mood. Everyone knows that mood and color have a mutually beneficial relationship. That being said, a change of color might be just want you need to spruce up your small bathroom and give it a modern vibe.

If it’s in your budget, consider changing the tile or material of your floor, sink and walls. Adding light colors immediately gives your bath an elegant and calm vibe while adding dark colors gives your bathroom a sleek and professional look.


These are just a few of the dozens of tips out there for us who live with small bathrooms and there’s always new ideas every day. No matter what size your bathroom is, don’t give up on it.

Got any modern decorating ideas for small bathrooms? Tried any of the tips we mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Though your bathroom may have seemed large and spacious when you moved in, it’s likely that it feels like it’s grown smaller as time has gone on. Where you once had space to organize towels, magazines, candles, and other knick-knacks you may now be struggling to keep the space clean and clutter free.

If that’s the case, it’s likely that you’ve turned to Pinterest for bathroom organization ideas

Here are 3 of our favorite ways to keep a small bathroom organized:

1.    Linen Cabinets
A great option for those looking to add long-term décor to their bathroom space is a new piece of furniture in the form of a linen cabinet. Our linen cabinets range in width from 14’’ to 18’’; allowing them to fit almost anywhere. Perfect outside your glass shower, or next to your bathroom counter, everything you need is only an arm’s reach away. Our bathroom storage cabinets are a great option to keeping your space organized.

2.    Wicker baskets
If you’re wanting to keep everything at your fingertips, but don’t want it sitting on your countertops, consider wicker baskets! An affordable and trendy way to store your items, these baskets allow you to neatly declutter your space! Check one of your local home décor shops, or maybe you’ll luck out and find some second-hand at a local thrift shop.

These baskets can be stored almost anywhere- bathroom shelves, the floor, or even on top of the toilet.

Fill the baskets with toilet paper, towels, magazines, or even hair tools. The options are endless as to how you can use them to maximize your small bathroom’s space.

3.    Bathroom Wall Cabinets
Though technically a linen cabinet, our Elton 14 linen cabinet attaches to the wall. This contemporary cabinet floats off of the floor; allowing you to store additional items- like a scale- below it. With 4 shelves, you’ll be able to store an abundance of your toiletries effortlessly. So much space to offer- that it’s a great option for a small bathroom storage cabinet!

What are your favorite bathroom storage ideas that you’ve picked up over the years? 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Five Fun and Unique Fall Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Fall is coming folks, which means it’s time to shake it up and add a touch of warmth to our bathrooms. This means adding some yellows, reds and browns to your bathroom and making it feel nice and cozy. We can also play around with scents a lot more during fall because it’s the norm to smell spices and sweets in the air, allowing us to add a couple of our favorite warm scents to the bathroom.

Not only that, but fall also includes some fun and mouth-watering holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving. Our bathroom has to celebrate these holidays as well so it’s a great opportunity to add some fun pumpkins or bats to your bathroom décor.

To help get your imagination going, we’ve created a list of five unique fall decorating tips for your bathroom. We hope we inspire you and get you in the fall mood!

1.     Put some nature in your bathroom

One the best ways to bring fall into your bathroom is to bring nature in. Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons around because of its effect on nature. Grab some leaves or pinecones from around your garden or neighborhood and put them in your bathroom! It’s a classic way to add fall in and will let you take in the beauty of the season. You can also buy some nature-themed accessories.

2.     Add some fall scents

You know them by names like “Autumn in the Park,” “Brandy Pear Tart,” “Cranberry Twist” and more. Fall candles are some of the best things of the year because they capture that perfect moment and take you back to when you smelled fresh fallen leaves in the park or fresh cranberries. Candles are a classy way to spice up your bathroom. You can even decorate your candles or create a nice little display!

3.     Make your bathroom a little spooky

Fall isn’t all about trees and leaves, it’s also about Halloween! For Halloween, make your bathroom a little spooky or colorful. You can anything from decorating your soap bottles with witches and ghosts to adding some bats to your bathroom! Don’t be afraid to give someone a little spook and add a skull or two around there (just in case you like tricks better than treats).

4.     Get creative with your pumpkins

Since we talked about Halloween, we can’t leave out Thanksgiving. Lucky for us, both Halloween and Thanksgiving have something in common: a love of pumpkins. Put some decorative pumpkins around your bathroom to give it a festive and fun feeling. In case you’re feeling brave, you can even make your own pumpkins.

If you’re looking for a place to put these pumpkins, they’d look great on any of our bathroom vanities.

5.     Make a wreath

For our last suggestion, no one ever said you couldn’t put wreaths in your bathroom. And why not? Wreaths symbolize fall and add a touch of warmth to any space. You can make a wreath out of just about anything. One idea is using the pinecones you gathered from around the neighborhood and putting them on your wreath. Get the tutorial here.

At the end of the day, the most important thing about decorating your bathroom for fall is just taking the season in and making the most of it. We want you all to have a glorious fall and we think decorating your bathroom will put you in a good mood and make you smile.

Have a favorite fall bathroom decorating idea you didn’t see here? Let us know in the comments below!