Monday, July 16, 2018

5 Bathroom Decorating Tips for the Summer

The long days of summer provide the perfect opportunity for a big DIY project. We can all agree that something about the fresh summer breeze makes us eager for a big, drastic change. If you’re looking for a new look for your bathroom but don’t quite know where to start, here are some themes that may give you some inspiration:

Beach/Ocean Look

One of the best parts about summer is the endless trips to the beach. However, just because summer eventually comes to an end doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beach all year round. Believe it or not, achieving the perfect beach theme doesn’t require pounds of sand and a close-up view of the beach.

Simple things such as jars filled with sand and shells can help add to your whole beach aesthetic. The key to this theme is to keep the colors light and bright. Switching up your floors to a white or beige wood is one easy way to alter the entire look of the room. Filling the bathroom with your favorite parts of the beach is the best way to make this your ultimate paradise!

Jungle Outdoorsy

If you’re looking for a place to escape from the stress of a long day, going with an outdoorsy jungle theme is the perfect way to achieve a true sanctuary for relaxation. Changing your walls and floors to a dark stone or brick can really turn the entire look of the room around. In addition, adding a bunch of different types of green plants are a must-have to get the ultimate jungle theme.

Mimicking waterfalls with a cascade-style faucet for bathtubs and sinks can also provide soothing sounds that will take your mind on a trip outdoors. For this theme, even the lighting can play a huge role. Having low lighting or focusing on natural light will give the illusion that you’re outside. With this combination, you’ll feel like you’re miles from home!

Modern Contemporary

There’s no doubt that the futuristic, clean, simple look is all the rage these days. Going for a modern bath is a great way to make the bathroom a place where you can go to relax and unwind. A timeless design, remodeling your bathroom in this theme will upscale the look of your entire home. The key to achieving this particular theme is to keep things simple and stay away from patterns. Whether you love a mix of shades or want to go for an all-white theme, it’s important to stick to neutral shades such as black, white and gray.
Switching out your bathtub to one that is freestanding and spacious is a quick way to turn this theme into a reality. Not only is it perfect for long baths, but it can also contribute to the overall look of the room. Create the illusion of space by using big vanity mirrors and glass shower doors. Not only will it make the room seem bigger, but it will also help you feel more relaxed!

Bohemian Style

If you’re not one to stick to trends and basic decorating styles, going with a bohemian theme is a great way to explore new things that stand out from the typical bath. This carefree, earthy theme is perfect for those who have a traveler’s mind. With a focus on experiencing new cultures, there’s no right way to reach the bohemian style of decorating.

The important thing to remember is that this theme heavily focuses on intricate patterns and designs. Filling your walls and floors with detailed art is a great way to get started. You can also place a few plants here and there to add to the aesthetic. In addition, things like beaded curtains are a good final touch to really go all in on this style.


For those who are just looking for a simple remodel to revamp their bathroom, going with pastels is a simple way to upgrade without completely transforming it. This is perfect for those who want to clean up the overall bathroom look without the intention of creating a weekend getaway spot. This is also great for smaller bathrooms (all other bathrooms other than the master bathroom) that just need a little help.

Painting the walls white or any pastel color can create a clean, soft look for the entire room. We recommend going for the white walls and adding pastel colored towels, cabinets, mirror frames or flowers. This simple theme is super easy and fun to achieve.

When remodeling your bathroom, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to do it all at once. One of the best things about a bathroom remodel is that you can take it step by step. Even changing simple things like the sink, tub or wall color can completely transform the whole vibe. After all the hard work you put in, you’ll have the ultimate relaxation spot in no time!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Here’s Why Your Bathroom Needs a Contemporary LED Mirror

Do you really have a modern bathroom if you don’t have a backlit mirror installed? Probably not. When styling a bathroom, there are two things in particular that will determine the entire aesthetics of your space: lighting and mirrors. This is why our LED mirror is the ultimate must-have accessory for any contemporary and stylish bathroom.

Our Inolav LED Mirror carries a sleek and minimal design, made from solid aluminum construction with a 5mm thick high quality copper-free mirror. Design truly meets technology with this illuminated wall mirror for bathroom -  not only does it provide both style and great lighting, but it features two touchless infrared motion sensors for LED activation. In addition, this backlit mirror carries back and front LED lighting to deliver beautiful and bright neutral white light without any unwanted shadows.

As if that wasn’t enough, another reason why we are obsessed with this modern bathroom mirror is because it is reversible and can be hung vertically or horizontally- the choice is yours! The LED light in this mirror lasts up to 50,000 hours and is typically more energy-friendly than other traditional light bulbs. 

Our backlit bathroom mirror is available in a variety of sizes, from 24" to 72", and carries a two year manufacturer warranty. To learn more details about this lighted bathroom wall mirror, please click here. Give your bathroom an upgrade and transform it into a contemporary and stylish space with the best lighted bathroom mirror in the market. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

7 Inspiration Baths for Creating the Ultimate Contemporary Bath

Although it’s no bedroom or living room, the bathroom is known for being more than just another room in your home. Whether it’s a place that you can wind down or just a spot to get better lighting for your photos, the right décor can easily transform your bathroom into your next favorite hangout spot. When it comes to choosing a theme, going for a modern style is not only simple and easy, but it can also provide a clean aesthetic that will never get old. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some ideas that will get your thinking wheels turning on how to create the ultimate sanctuary for relaxation:

Black Stone

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When it comes to creating a modern look, most bathroom color themes tend to gravitate toward an all-white interior. However, it’s important to remember that a modern style can be achieved through practically any neutral color such as white, gray, black, or beige. This is a unique take on the modern look that creates a sleek, clean style that many people forget to consider. 

Big Mirrors

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With this style, big mirrors play a huge role in the aesthetic of the bathroom design. Not only are they functional, but the use of mirrors can also fill empty walls as well as create an illusion of a bigger bathroom. Who wouldn’t like to have more space… or at least look like they have more space? When it comes to reaching the ultimate modern look, big mirrors are a big must! 

Ceiling Shower Head with Stone Backing

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Nothing screams contemporary bathroom like a ceiling shower head. This bath inspiration focuses on a dual ceiling shower head that mimics the look and feel of a real waterfall. With its stone backing, this shower creates a more outdoorsy vibe without all the pesky bugs and leaves. Not only is it absolutely beautiful, but it also leaves ample room for two ensuring that you won’t ever have to fight to be under the warm water again.

Wood Style

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If you’re more of an outdoorsy type, this design is perfect for you. With a combination of wood and stone, this look is a perfect way to bring the outdoors into your bathroom. With its simple design yet unique design, it harmoniously transforms the concepts of nature with a contemporary style. 

Bath Vessels

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Ironically, sometimes creating a modern look requires you to take a step back and take some inspiration from more traditional methods of bathing. This style features a big, stone bath vessel that not only provides a luxurious bathing experience, but also doubles as a work of art. The smooth and simple design of a big bath vessel can automatically turn any bathroom into a sanctuary for relaxation. 

Open Bathroom

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One of the biggest keys to achieving the ultimate modern look is to create a space that is as open and as simple as can be. This bathroom inspiration focuses on the idea of creating space and emphasizing an open space for relaxation. A place where you can truly be free, a room featuring glass walls instead of curtains or solid walls creates a unique aesthetic that is sure to please. 

Vessel Sinks

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Another way to really achieve the modern aesthetic is by using a big vessel sink. These sinks are not only beautiful works of art, but they also contribute to the illusion of space in the bathroom. By using a spacious vessel in place of a normal sunken sink, it allows more room to perform your daily relaxation rituals without feeling cramped. With a sink like this, even brushing your teeth won’t seem like a chore!