Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Bathroom Trends for 2019

Style Your Bathroom in 2019 With These Six Trends

A bathroom is so much more than a functional area. A bathroom is expected to be relaxing and provide peace and tranquility while maintaining basic functional requirements. With the extensive variety of themes, designs, and customizable appliances and decor, designing a bathroom can be quite the challenge.

As bathroom trends have progressed over the years, architectural designers are allocating more and more space into the standard washroom. Traditionally, there was an ideal amount of room to fit a bathtub and supplies. New trends and appliances are expanding this outdated and crammed look, into maximizing the space and functionality within a design. The beauty and skill in the art of a good design is to meet your functional needs within a budget, while providing an appropriate look to compliment your home aesthetic.

Keeping in mind that the bathroom is one of the designated safe spaces in the home along with the aesthetic setting the general tone for the home, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house.

Take a look at these six hot up and coming trends for bathrooms in 2019 that will help you find balance with your budget and a captivating bathroom design.

Tasteful Technological Touches 

With technology exponentially increasing over the course of the last decade, it is not surprising to see some breakthrough in the bathroom design to modernize your look. LED mirrors, motion detecting faucets and even heating towel racks have been making their way to the top of the trends list for 2019. Make way for easy on/off timer settings for your Smart Showers that can be controlled wirelessly along with a built-in Bluetooth speaker systems to bring luxury and elegance into your daily routine.

A Water Space

To maximize your space along with streamlining beautiful designs, water spaces are becoming more and more frequently utilized. Sharing a bathtub and shower on the same side of the divider, it provides a sharp segmentation to the composition of the bathroom. Having an open, fully tiled shower area drastically increases the overall space of your room and provides ample room for bringing any sleek aesthetic to life.

Industrial Style Fixtures

Exposing your hardware in unison with brass and gold vintage fixtures are returning to provide your bathroom with an open and sleek look. In the past, showing the pipes has been seen as a big no-no in the architecture world; but now more homeowners are choosing to leave them visible for an industrial look. Bulbs without fixture covers, hardwood floors, and frame less glass showers can contribute to a great industrial themed bathroom.

Asymmetrical Decor

Following the topic of consolidation to maximize space in the bathroom, asymmetrical mirrors are slowly being incorporated as a commonality across most new trends and designs. Breaking away from the perfect symmetry and adding a nuance to the feel of the bathroom design, an asymmetrical mirror may be the missing touch to your new bathroom arrangement. Choose an over sized mirror for your single sink vanity or two smaller asymmetrical mirrors for your double bathroom vanity.

Natural Materials 

Wooden accents, wooden tiling and even wooden appliances are being employed to create a warm aesthetic while maintaining a charismatic design for your bathroom needs. While wood itself is not particularly waterproof, there are coatings that can establish water resistant or waterproof attributes to your design theme. An easy way to incorporate wood into your bathroom renovation is with the installation of a wooden vanity with a quartz counter top.

Patterned Tile Everywhere

From the floor to the shower walls, expect to see tile incorporated into bathroom renovations in 2019. While subway tile was everywhere in 2018, we’re excited to see patterned tile pieces in unique shapes in 2019. These eye-catching tile pieces are available in hexagon, diamond, mosaic, triangle, and octagon shapes.

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom in 2019? We want to hear what’s the biggest trend you’re looking forward to see in bathroom design next year! Tell us in the comments below.