Wednesday, September 5, 2018

5 Reasons To Consider a Frameless Shower Door

When it comes to changing the overall look and feel of your bathroom, you don’t always have to commit to an entire remodel to get the luxurious look you want. Even switching out small parts of your bathroom can make a huge difference to the overall feel of the room. One way to turn your bathroom into a masterpiece is by making the simple switch to frameless shower doors​. These modern luxuries not only improve the aesthetic of your bathroom but also offer other great benefits as well:

frameless shower door
Although looks aren’t everything, there’s no question that they’re in the back of your mind, especially during a remodel. The great th almost every single look. The clean, sleek design allows them to fit in with any color, texture or theme that you have going on.

Not only do they blend well, but they also transform the entire look of your bathroom. Instead of having a shabby old curtain making your space look old and traditional, a simple glass sliding shower door ​makes your bathroom look cleaner and more modern. Let’s be honest - it does look quite nice!

Better for Preventing Mold Growth
If their good looks aren’t enough for you to make the switch, cleanliness and sanitation are additional reasons you should consider a frameless shower door. We can all agree that the mold and mildew that collect in the corner of the shower are not always the most appealing things to deal with. However, with a frameless shower enclosure,​ you don’t have to worry about the frame collecting mold or mildew because it’s not even in contact with the wall!

In addition, glass shower doors are also much easier to clean and maintain. With just a couple of sprays of cleanser and a hand towel, you can ensure that your door stays squeaky clean.

Create an Illusion of Space
No matter what your style may be, odds are that cramped and cluttered is not the look that you’re going for. These clear glass doors give you the illusion of space and make the room look a lot bigger than it may be. The open-look shower requires no extra space for your flowy curtains. The sleek design of the doors makes it easy for them to slide side-to-side, saving you much-needed space.

Long-Lasting Another thing to consider is the longevity of the glass door. If you’re looking to redesign your bathroom, odds are that you’re probably going to be staying in your home awhile. Instead of running to the store every time your curtain liner collects mold or your shower frame starts to rot, you can save yourself the time and money by investing in a long-lasting solution.

Since these frameless shower doors are resistant to mold and mildew buildup, the sturdy glass is sure to look fantastic for a long time. In addition, since this sleek design is timeless, you won’t ever have to worry about it going out of style.

Customizable One last thing to consider is the customizability of the frameless shower doors. Since it’s unlikely that your shower is just the same as your neighbors’, you can easily find frameless shower doors that are fit to your specific shower.

Not only can you customize sizes, but you can pick certain finishes and colors to match your specific liking. There are loads of different types of frameless showers, and the best part is that you can even find some that open on both ends. There’s no limit to what you can do with these frameless shower doors!

When it comes to achieving a luxurious look, it doesn’t always involve a complete makeover. Simply switching your old curtain for a frameless glass shower door can transform your ordinary bathroom into one that’s fit for royalty. With functional and aesthetic benefits, why not make the switch?