Thursday, January 21, 2016

Why Two Sinks Are Better Than One

If you’re renovating your master bathroom, chances are you’ve debated between installing one sink or two. While a double sink vanity can require more space, its benefits often outweigh its smaller counterpart. So why exactly are two sinks better than one?

His and Her Sinks
A dual sink vanity can alleviate wait time in the morning when you’re sharing a bathroom with a significant other. No more waiting to use the sink to brush your teeth, or having to maneuver around the other while frantically getting ready for work. Instead, his and her sinks allow for both of you to freshen up and get ready with your own sink – and often your own mirror. Depending on counter space, you’ll be able to leave necessities on the counter instead of moving them to a cabinet after use.

Space Requirements for Double Sinks
Our larger 72’’ vanities have ample space for necessities and bathroom décor, while standard 60’’ double vanities provide enough counter space to leave your necessities out without crowding the counter. Most double bathroom vanities range from 60’’ to 72’’, but smaller bathrooms deserve some love, too. Our smallest double sink vanity measures in at 47.75’’ wide allowing smaller bathrooms to enjoy the luxury of two sinks!

Resale Value
When you purchase your home, often it’s with the intent of living there for a while, but it’s not your forever home. As a result, resale value becomes a factor when considering major renovations. This is especially important when you don’t anticipate living in your current home longer than 3 years . Double sinks can help entice married homebuyers- as can oversized showers.  

So there you have it! Three reasons why you should consider double sink vanities for your bathroom renovation. What’s your favorite feature of a double sink vanity?


  1. Interesting idea for a bathroom. I think it is relevant for a large house where more than six people live. See many more interesting ideas in blog.

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  3. Two sinks in a bathroom are a sensible, time-saving design decision that vastly improves functionality. It is impossible to emphasize how useful dual sinks are, especially in families with several occupants. The morning and evening crowds are gone, making it possible for two persons to comfortably use the sink at once. This design element encourages productivity by minimizing wait times and potential disputes over bathroom access. Additionally, because each person has a distinct sink area, it promotes organization and tidiness. This not only simplifies daily tasks but also fosters a more peaceful living situation. In the end, the addition of two sinks to a bathroom serves as proof of the importance of smart design in streamlining daily life.
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