Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Round v. Elongated Toilets

Remodeling a bathroom comes with many considerations. Whether you're thinking of making minor improvements or you're looking for a complete overhaul, we know you're likely grappling with a variety of how-tos.

Today, we'll be talking about two types of toilets: round and elongated. You likely grew up with one or the other and have always made do with what you had. However, each of these toilets actually has its own pros and cons. When choosing a new toilet for your bathroom, we want you to consider these.


Things can quickly become crowded as you mentally install new appliances. Everything looks great on its own, but is it still practical when it all comes together?

The main difference between a round and an elongated toilet bowl will be its length. Round bowls are on average about two inches shorter, at 16 1/2 inches, than an elongated bowl at 18 1/2 inches. That means, generally speaking, a round bowl will prove more ideal for compact bathroom spaces.
However, you may find that your home is currently set up with an older round bowl model sporting a much larger tank. If that's the case, your current round toilet may be taking up just as much room as a modern toilet with an elongated bowl would.


Round toilets tend to be less expensive because they are smaller. However, elongated toilets don't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Bathroom Place offers high-quality dual-flush toilets at affordable costs.


How your toilet flushes will depend on its internal system, not on the shape of the bowl itself. Both round and elongated toilets can be low-flushing to comply with eco-friendly standards, and each type of toilet has its unique flushing power. However, some families find that round toilets are more hygienic since children tend to sit too far forward on elongated toilets.


How comfortable a toilet is will depend largely on your size. Small children will find the smaller opening of a round toilet easier and more comfortable, while an adult will find the longer rim more comfortable and hygienic.

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